During one of my mini road trips I decided to take HWY 11 from Whitewright, Texas to Sherman, Texas so I could see if I could find any old buildings or barns to photograph. This area is growing just like the rest of North Texas, and I wanted to get some pictures before it was too late.  As I was coming into Tom Bean, I came across an old, faded red/orange metal build that looked like an old mom and pop grocery store. When I pulled into the lot, I could just make out the faded words Hills Grocery. 

Hills Grocery 

Hills Grocery – Tom Bean, Texas

Hills Grocery hasn’t been in business for years from what can tell. There isn’t much info on the property but from the front window you can see an old Dr Pepper sign or shelf. I can’t tell. The building looks to be in decent condition, and someone may be using it for storage. 

Why share this image?

Although this may be a recently built building (70s or 80s) it’s from a past era. You don’t see these types of stores anymore. This lonely rural HWY are mostly used by locals or those passing through the area. All drivers have enough fuel to get them to the next big town where they have the option to fuel up or find the food they need. 

As to this building, the colors caught my eye and I just had to stop a take a quick picture. No other reason. 

About the Image

The images were shot on a late gloomy morning. I used my Sony a6000 and my Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS lens. The images were then edited with Adobe Lightroom CC, Topaz Labs Denoise AI and Topaz Labs Sharpen AI and DXO NIK Collection