The Bonham Drive-In Theatre was probably built in the fifties and it closed down sometime in the 80s. All that is left is the old marquee sign. The new land owners have demolished the only remaining building (old ticket booth) and the North Texas Auctions building was added along with the a chain link barbed wire fence.

The Bonham Drive-In Theatre Marquee Condition

Bonham Drive-In

The sign is in rough shape. Most of the neon is gone and one of the letters is missing. The announcement board was removed (or just covers the old board) and the new company name was added. The Bonham Drive-In Theatre Marquee is in desperate need of restoration and preservation.

This beautiful vintage sign would look incredible all lit on this dark country Highway.

The Bonham Drive-In Theatre marquee is located just west of Bonham, Texas off HWY 56 just before you get into town. You can’t miss it.

Bonham Drive-In

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Bonham Drive-In

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