Back in March 2021 I was exploring the older parts of Denison, Texas looking for interesting old buildings and houses to photograph. During that visit I passed by this restored service station. It’s one of those old mom and pop service stations with only one pump. I just had to stop by and take a couple of pictures.

Restored Service Station – History

I couldn’t find much information on the building or the property. According to public records the gas station was built in 1940 but that’s all I can find on the building.

Unless the owners choose the colors on their own, this looks it could have been an old Texaco station. This is from the era of privately owned mom and pop gas stations. This one look like it’s on the smaller side for a station and only has one pump. The pump is in bad shape and missing a lot of parts. It looks like it might be a 1940s or1950s era pump.

The building looks to be recently restored and is being used for something.

If you know anything more about this old building, please comment or email us via the contact form.

Restored Service Station in Denison, Texas

My Thoughts

I love these old service stations. They are from the early days of automotive history. Back before large corporations took over the fuel industry and started created boring cookie cutter stations and the more recent gas stations that are mega stations and gift shops.

Those old mom and pop service stations are getting harder to find. I used to find them in almost every small town or old town areas of larger cities. Now when I pass through some of those towns, the old buildings are gone. Some replaced/demolished, and others renovated to the point they no longer look like an old service station.

About the Images

The service station was photographed on an early afternoon. I used my Sony a6000 and my Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS lens. The images were then edited with Adobe Lightroom CC, Topaz Labs Denoise AI and Topaz Labs Sharpen AI and DXO NIK Collection