Just off the town square of Leonard, Texas is the old concrete Leonard Calaboose. Today it’s surrounded by newish warehouses and businesses. Like most calabooses of its day, it was built just outside of town and away from local businesses and homeowners. But still close enough for law enforcement to deal with those spending the night in jail.  

The Leonard Calaboose –  History

The Leonard Calaboose – Leonard, Texas

The jail was built in 1919 for about $300. It’s a concrete structure built using the “poured in place” method (used molds and poured the concrete in) and then covered in plaster on both sides. There’s a single metal door and windows on each wall with vertical bars. Awnings were added to keep the weather out. .

The calaboose in Leonard, Texas kept inmates safe and in "comfort" from 1930 until the 1960s.

It’s also worth mentioning, the jail did not have plumbing until 1930.

In 1997 the Leonard Calaboose was restored and the awnings you see today were added during a 1930 renovation. At that time someone cut into the concrete on July 28th, 1903. 

Awning were updated in 1997 during the renovations.

My Visit

The calaboose is in ok condition. There really is much to maintain on it. The first time I was there, there was a lot of mud and trash in the building. During my last visit in 2021, it was cleaned up. The jail is set up with two small cells and a larger common area. As to the plumbing, all I found was an old toilet sitting outside the two smaller cells. That means someone on the outside would have to be nearby to let the prisoners out to use the toilet. 

Nice and Cozy

For information on the Leonard Calaboose, check out Texas Tiny Jails

Source: https://www.tinytexasjails.com/jails/fannin-county/

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