Sitting out on a lonely dirt road surrounded by miles of fields near Dorchester, Texas is the Old Strawn House. Behind the house you will see another old building. Looks like it may have been a tenant farmer house or even an old school. In addition to those old buildings, you will see modern barns and outbuildings and farming equipment.  

The Old Strawn House – History

I’m Still looking to find the history of the house and the family the worked the land. According to public recorders, the old house was built in 1910 and the Strawn family owned a large track of land for over 100 years. They may have owned more but I can only go back so far with my limited resources. The family has a road named after them so at some point they became an important part of the community.

The House’s Condition

The Old Strawn House - Grayson County, Texas

Just looking at the pictures you can see it’s in rough condition. I couldn’t get a closer look because of a pack of dogs were not letting me out of the car so I could up to the fence line for some better shots. Without permission I won’t be able to see the interior. but with the holes in the roof and missing windows its won’t be long before it’s a total lose.

I do have a few more places in the area to shoot and plan to visit this location later this year. I will update this article as find more information and add more photos.

An old tenant farmhouse or could have been used a school at one time.

About the Images

The images were shot on a late gloomy morning. I used my Sony a6000 and my Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS lens. The images were then edited with Adobe Lightroom CC, Topaz Labs Denoise AI and Topaz Labs Sharpen AI and DXO NIK Collection